I Heart Mondays!

15 11 2010

Hey Y’all,

Happy Monday! Roulette had a little make-over over this week.  New artwork by Thomas Dean, lots of warm coats, and a whole table of wool-y accessories for the changing weather!  Stop by and have a look…and while you are here, check out what I Heart most about this Monday…

Brilliant’s new crocheted, fishnet fingerless gloves! They are so cute; and luckily, I got a pair for my birthday!  They range in colors from black to beige to red and yarns of cotton or extra-soft bamboo, but they are always detailed with vintage buttons.  Glam with a touch of grunge (as the artist perfectly describes them)!
You can check out Brilliant’s blog here

Love them!



fall fashion 102

18 09 2010

At Roulette, we love bright colors, boots and blue jeans!  There’s no need to go all drab for fall.  Think of all those great fall leaf colors.  Burgundy, red, yellow, orange and the blue of the sky.

Pillowcase Dress Kits

17 09 2010

You know those great little pillowcase dresses we carry at Roulette? Well now you can make your own! Designer and chief seamstress of Riverbasin Outfitters, River Takada-Capel, has created DIY pillowcase dress packets.  Everything you need to make your own dress is there.  Hand dyed and screen printed fabric, elastic, ribbon for the straps and easy to follow instructions.
You can buy one for yourself and give one to a friend.  Have a sewing party!
$25 each, in a variety of colors and 2 sizes: S/M and M/L.

flower your hair

12 09 2010

I love these new hair pins by Of the Earth Designs.  Daryl Anne Clausen is the lovely cleverness behind these floral pieces.  They look beautiful any way you place them in your hair.
– Kara

Best of Local Band Fashion contest!

17 06 2010

In honor of our 5 year anniversary this July, we will be celebrating 5 years of supporting local music at Roulette Vintage. Did you know we have lots of great local band t-shirts? Yep! And We’re doing a Best of Roulette Vintage and Local Band Fashion contest this July. We’re taking nominations for all categories through July 4th.  So make sure you nominate your favorites!

Here are the categories:

Best Band tee design: You can check out the local band tees we carry here on our Flickr, we will be adding more close ups of the tees this week.  Nominate your favorite design!

Best Dressed Local Band:  Who is the best dressed in vintage and local fashion?  We’re looking for a band that sets the stage for fashion in the Triangle.

Best Mustache: Local musician with the best mustache.

Best Hair: Do ever sit in the crowd and wish you have a certain local musician’s hair?  I do!  Nominate the hair you love!

Local musician who looks most like a 60-80’s TV star: Think your friend looks like a vintage TV star?  Nominate them!

To nominate a band or musician, you can shoot us an email or comment here on the blog.   You must include your first name.  Photos or links to photos help but are not necessary.  Please send any photos as attachments to emails.  YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED OR SHARED.

Local bands are also invited to submit band photos to us for our Coolest Band Photo contest!  Most of your band must be wearing vintage or locally designed clothing in the photo.   🙂

If you are a local band and would like to carry your t-shirt at Roulette, you can email us here.

Hello Birdie!

23 05 2010

My baby sister, Kelly got married this past weekend, and her wedding theme was spring and birds or birds in spring, you get the idea.  The reception had these lovely birdhouses and birds on flowering branches on all of the tables.

Hand painted and put together by my mom and Grandma, these creative table decorations have inspired me to embrace springtime and all those little birds tweeting.  Here a few of my favorite things at Roulette that say “Hello Birdie!” to me.

And here are a few items I found on Etsy that sing to me!  Love, Kara

Fly into Spring!

14 04 2010

Spring is here and so is our new Flytrap mini-boutique!
Flytrap  is created and screenprinted by Jody Cedzidlo.   Jody has a unique way with screen printing which can be not only precise but also artistically  rough.  We love this juxtaposition of style and textile art.

Flytrap has been a long time favorite at Roulette Vintage and we’re really happy to add a special section to the store that features all of Jody’s great prints.  She’s got some great new ones as well as the old favorites.  Here are a few photos of some of our spring picks, and you can check out more  on our flickr or stop by the store and try them on for yourself!

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