An Interview with Birds and Arrows!

8 02 2011

We love Birds and Arrows!   Not only are they awesome musicians, but they also have wonderful taste in clothing and are a lot of fun to hang out with!  We are very excited about their show at the ArtsCenter this Friday night (February 11th).  So we thought we’d ask them a few questions and let y’all get to know them too.

What is your first vintage memory?
ANDREA: My first vintage memories came from my mom. She saved so much of her amazing clothes from the 60’s and early 70’s. Digging through her cedar chest I would find everything from old prom dresses my grandmother made for her to beautiful jackets, vest and purses. I would play dress up with all of it and still do. But, now it’s actually my wardrobe.
PETE: My first was when a friend of the family left an old peach tank top that had an R. Crumb illustration of Mr. Natural saying “just passing through” I kept it and wore it till it literally fell apart.

What vintage era inspires you the most and why?
ANDREA & PETE: We can both agree that the early 70’s is our favorite time for vintage. Pete loves the early 70’s rock star look and I love the bohemian style. I also think it’s very charming and beautiful how much time detail still went into affordable clothing back then.

Do you have any fashion icons?
PETE: I would have to say Beck.  He has always had this kind of this high fashion surfer vibe that inspires me.
ANDREA:  I don’t necessarily have someone specific that I can think of but I do love Native American culture and that has always been a big influence on my style.  with maybe a  little Stevie Nicks thrown in there.
JOSH:  Our friend Jonathan Durlam….he’s very fashionable!

Do you have a favorite article of vintage clothing?
ANDREA: Mine is this brown turkish jacket of my mothers. I have worn it so much over the years it’s in desperate need of repair but I still wore it in our last photo shoot.

PETE: Right now mine is this new plaid blazer I found. maybe from the late 60’s I also wore it in our last photo shoot.
JOSH: a special vintage T-shirt circa 1991 (way back when;) . I use to where it to job interviews cause it was my lucky shirt.

Y’all made your record sleeves for your last album and most of your merch. What inspired you go DIY?
ANDREA & PETE: Well, to put it simply: budget and creative control. Both of us love making things ourselves, so it only made sense to apply that to the band. Especially since Merch is one of the only ways to stand out and make money on tour. It’s a lot of work but it’s also very gratifying when I see someone walking around using a tote bag I made by hand.

What is your favorite music to listen to while you create?
ANDREA: Any SIGUR ROS record. I love them and since I can’t understand a word they say there are no lyrics to distract me while creating.
PETE: Mine would be Pete Gabriel era Genesis. It’s so familiar to me which makes it easy to listen to and not be distracted.
JOSH: My favorite thing to listen to while baking is anything Classical but especially Beethoven…he’s my favorite.

What band from the past would you love to see play live?
ANDREA: I would love to see Peter Gabriel circa 1986….(which Pete actually got to see and that makes me so jealous) Also, The Faces
PETE: For me it would have to be early Genesis and Led Zeppelin (Andrea: yea, that’s a good one I’d like that too).  The week John Bonham died me and my friends in California had planned to get tickets to the next show and then we found out the news.
JOSH: Every band that Pete saw in the late seventies, early eighties. That pretty much covers it. He went to so many shows that I dreamed of going to. Like Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel Security tour for example.

Is there an instrument that you have always wanted to learn but haven’t had the chance to yet?
PETE: Piano.
ANDREA: Mine would be pedal steel but we’ll see if that’ll ever happen.
JOSH: All of them…but next I would love to pick up the violin or upright bass.

If your music were to dress in clothing, what would it wear?
ANDREA & PETE: We think it would be barefoot wearing Robert Plants rockin’ bell bottoms (bulge included), Sonny Bono’s fur vest, an America Concert T with a little chest hair coming out the top (in honor of Josh) and last: some turquoise jewelry.

You’re playing at the Arts Center Friday night (Feb.11th). What’s special about this show?
ANDREA & PETE: Yes, we are really excited about this show because the vibe of it really fits what we’ve become as a band. What I mean by that is it’s at The ArtsCenter which is a great listening room for our type of music, there is an interview/conversation led by Tom Maxwell during which we plan to be very open and honest about our music and the process of making it. And it also includes a gift of artwork by Pete and myself, with half the record to download for everyone that attends. We are really excited about getting the new music out there for people to hear.

For more information and how to get tickets for the ArtsCenter show Feb. 11th, click here.
Click here to check out Birds and Arrows upcoming show schedule!
You can also become their fan on Facebook!

Pete and Andrea also shared photos of their closets and studio space! Love!


Orchard House

24 12 2010

I have been fascinated with Louisa May Alcott since I was in the 3rd grade, when I did a report on her. When I learned of her home in Concord, Massachusetts, I was immediately set on visiting the mid-18 century Alcott family home. I moved from Maine about four years ago, and so it’s been more difficult to accomplish this wish, but today I visited Orchard House with my sister and father.

Lily and Tom in the front of Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts

Louisa May Alcott lived in the home with her parents Bronson and Abigail, her younger sister May and her older sister Anna in the mid-1800s. Louisa wrote “Little Women” at a built-in desk her father made for her in her room on the second floor on the far right of the house.

Bronson and Abigail's bedroom windows

I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside, so I’ll try to describe my favorite things. The walls of the house are covered in May Alcott’s paintings. Her bedroom walls and window trims are covered in little sketches she did of fantastical beings. Her parents allowed her to paint and draw on her bedroom walls, with the expectation that each new addition be an improvement from the previous one. I fell in love with a fairy-like creature holding a star at the top corner of one of the windows. May also painted a baby owl in the center of the fireplace in Louisa’s room.

May Alcott's baby owl on Louisa's fireplace-- very Roulette!

Louisa must have loved owls. Along with this fireplace painting, May also painted a picture of a bard owl that hangs in Louisa’s room. An a bronze owl ink container sits on the mantle.

It was the perfect holiday outing. The sun glistened on the snow frosting the ground. Orchard House is a simple New England style home, but it is absolutely striking against the forest background.

The sun shines through the trees adjacent to the house

I hope everyone is warm and happy at home with their families. Enjoy the time together and cherish your loved ones. Happy holidays!


Orchard House

lipstick love

18 11 2010

Color is especially noteworthy in the fall months.

The color of pumpkin pie, the color of early morning light on crisp, fallen leaves, the color of flushed cheeks.

Autumn color is rich & bold. So you should be too.

I’m talking about your lips. Why open your mouth when a bright, rich shade can do all the talking for you? (Kara, this is for you.)

Jane Russell can do it

And don’t get me started on how perfect a colored-lip looks with a vintage dress. It’s simply ethereal. First-off, you’re wearing something totally one-of-a-kind. To top it off, you’re embracing your femininity with a bright lipstick, and releasing your inner bombshell. With shades in bright red, ruby orange, violet, peony and fuchsia, how can you resist?

I can do it

If we can do it, why can’t you? Wear a bold lip and a vintage number this holiday season and snap a photo and send it to us. We want to see Carrboro women looking sharp. Tis’ the season to be marvelous, so while you’re holiday shopping, treat yourself to a little bit of lovely.

Be wonderful.


warm winter wool

2 11 2010

I’m Grace, the new marketing intern. The temperatures are dropping- how will you stay warm?

I visited the State Fair and was inspired by the thick wool blanketing the sheep. It’s really such a neat thing- you can use the sheep’s wool without harming the animal in the process.

barnyard nap

sheep sleeping in the afternoon light

Wool may have a bad rep. I have unpleasant memories of wearing wool sweaters as a child. Forgot those painful childhood memories! Wool can be stylish, and it’s so functional. You can feel good about investing in a nice wool sweater, because you know you’ll come back to it each winter.

me wearing a Riverbasin Outfitters reworked button-up

We are always getting in wool sweaters. Find one in a bright color to spice up your cold weather-wear.

Do you know any artisans in the area making wonderful sweaters out of local wool? Let’s hear about it!’

Be wonderful. Wear Wool.

Happy Tuesday!


Halloween Photo Shoot

31 10 2010






So we were a bit crazy this Halloween and decided to do a photo shoot in the AM.  Our aim was to get some good shots for Etsy and our photo albums.  Rebekah and Phip graciously modeled and Melissa was the Photographer Extraordinaire.  All three are so much fun to work with, I wish we had more time to hang out, try on outfits and shoot photos.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from today, you can check our Facebookfor more fun shots, and our Etsy to buy the vintage clothes!  (If you’re local, all of our Etsy items are available at the store to try on and/or purchase.)   Happy Halloween!

Pillowcase Dress Kits

17 09 2010

You know those great little pillowcase dresses we carry at Roulette? Well now you can make your own! Designer and chief seamstress of Riverbasin Outfitters, River Takada-Capel, has created DIY pillowcase dress packets.  Everything you need to make your own dress is there.  Hand dyed and screen printed fabric, elastic, ribbon for the straps and easy to follow instructions.
You can buy one for yourself and give one to a friend.  Have a sewing party!
$25 each, in a variety of colors and 2 sizes: S/M and M/L.

Photo Contest!

7 07 2010

As part of our 5 year celebration of Roulette Vintage, we’d like to celebrate our customers too.  You’re all so wonderful and have made Roulette so fun for us that its hard to call it work.  We’d like to invite you to submit your favorite photos of you and/or your friends wearing Roulette Vintage.  We’re calling it a photo contest but its really all about the love.  There will be multiple categories, some of which we may make up as we go along just because we got an amazing photo that deserves an award.   We plan on sharing them with everyone.  So show us what Roulette is to you!

Love, Kara and Rebecca

Categories(so far):  Best Vintage outfit, Best locally designed outfit, Best Group Shot, Best Band photo, Most Likely Drunk when this was shot, Most Original Location, Most Interesting photo and more…
Entries are accepted throughout the month of July!

And here are some photos that we’ve been sent in the past and faves that we’ve taken at the store to inspire you.

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