I Heart Mondays!

29 11 2010

Hey Y’all,

Happy Holidays everyone!

So, what I heart the most about this Monday is… this Young Tradition’s coat! I walked in this morning and instantly feel in love.  It’s not going to be here for long, so if you love it as much as I do, come see me.

It’s perfect for weather like this- add a little color to a grey day like today!




I Heart Mondays!!

18 10 2010

Hey y’all,

Today is such a great Monday! I went to the Vampire Weekend concert last night and had such a great time that I can’t stop smiling today.

But, what I heart the most about this Monday is…

SWEATER VESTS!!!! I am so in-love with them this season and they are perfect for this weather!



I Heart Mondays!

11 10 2010


I heart…when an outfit can completely transform you or give you a different persona for just a day. This dress is AMAZING and look at her rockin’ it!

I heart Mondays!

7 06 2010

Hey Everyone,

It’s a beautiful Monday…sunny with a little breeze! Perfect weather for the pool! What ‘I heart’ about this Monday… the adorable vintage bathing suits we have here at Roulette!  My favorite is the yellow paisley one-piece! Terribly cute and a little sexy with its low back.  Man, I’m so happy one-pieces are back in style! Come check them all out!



I Heart Mondays!

8 03 2010

Hey Y’all,

So, I’ve  been sitting here working on some vintage Etsy posts for Roulette (which you should check out…cute dresses!!) and thinking about today.  And what “I HEART” about this Monday is…the WEATHER!!!!  And the fact that I got to wear my really cute new lace vintage flats that I bought from River’s yard sale this past weekend.  Wish I was outside, but don’t worry the front door is propped open letting some fresh air in…well, and customers! So, you should come see me!



I heart Mondays!

15 02 2010

Hey everyone!

So today, I heart my new sewing book, The Sewing Bible!  It is 300+ pages of practical and decorative sewing techniques by Ruth Singer.  There is nothing better than curling up on a rainy day like today and reading a good book. But if you do find yourself out-and-about, stop by Roulette and keep me company!

Talk to you next Monday,

Love, Melissa

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