Love is in the Air…

21 01 2011

Happy Friday! I love Friday so much ever since I was a little kid. I wanted to share some of my favorite things today…

This would make a wonderful gift, “I LOVE YOU BEST” antique tablespoon from Hammerman on Etsy.

I am totally  in love with Drucilla’s blog and her Etsy shop Drucillapettibone. I love her hand embroidered animal prints and her butterfly wing pendant.

These superhero shoes from Smallfly would be perfect with the superhero cape I’m making Jett for Valentine’s Day:)

This fox necklace from Odette New York is so sweet.

Vintage Valentines (come see some amazing ones at our store).

Crocheted hearts by Kara.

Handmade Valentine’s Cards. Of course Martha Stewart has a million ideas.

Francois the Accordion Playing Cat would make any sofa more comfy.

What are some things you are loving this week?

Have a wonderful weekend. And remember national pie day is Sunday!

Love, Rebecca


I Heart Mondays!

15 11 2010

Hey Y’all,

Happy Monday! Roulette had a little make-over over this week.  New artwork by Thomas Dean, lots of warm coats, and a whole table of wool-y accessories for the changing weather!  Stop by and have a look…and while you are here, check out what I Heart most about this Monday…

Brilliant’s new crocheted, fishnet fingerless gloves! They are so cute; and luckily, I got a pair for my birthday!  They range in colors from black to beige to red and yarns of cotton or extra-soft bamboo, but they are always detailed with vintage buttons.  Glam with a touch of grunge (as the artist perfectly describes them)!
You can check out Brilliant’s blog here

Love them!


New Sensations

14 11 2010

Thomas Dean and his Lostwoods Prints have long been a favorite of ours. His printwork on both t-shirts and other media is whimsical and tough, managing to combine his surreal sketches with street style freshness. I like to think of it as the wedding of an 80’s breakdancer and 60’s earth child.

Here are some photos of the show, you should stop by and see it in person! It’ll be up through the holidays and the prints are available for purchase. We’ve also got new tees in!

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Pillowcase Dress Kits

17 09 2010

You know those great little pillowcase dresses we carry at Roulette? Well now you can make your own! Designer and chief seamstress of Riverbasin Outfitters, River Takada-Capel, has created DIY pillowcase dress packets.  Everything you need to make your own dress is there.  Hand dyed and screen printed fabric, elastic, ribbon for the straps and easy to follow instructions.
You can buy one for yourself and give one to a friend.  Have a sewing party!
$25 each, in a variety of colors and 2 sizes: S/M and M/L.

Holiday Wonders

16 12 2008

Wondering what to get your loved ones for the holidays?  Or yourself, because lets face it, we all need a little something this time of year.

Well, we’ve got lots of the truly beautiful items in the store right now.  Both vintage and handmade.   Perhaps that perfect gift is waiting for you at Roulette.

So many of our local artists have brought in new items for the holidays.  We’ve got lovely jewelry by Anna Young and Ai-ling Chang.  Plus screen printed tees and handbags by Yuli Ink.  We’ve also got awesome Carrboro tees and other prints by Flytrap.  Monster tees by Matt Hart.  Great hairpins and earrings by JeneanXO.  Headbands and shopping bags by Robin and Tarish.  Scarves by B-knits and Brilliant.  Hot holiday dresses by RiverTC, Exile and Revamp.  And so much more!

I wish I had time to be more eloquent about each of these amazing artists, because they are amazing.  But the holiday season is in full swing, so instead, I’ve posted lots of pictures, so check out our Flickr site!  And here’s a teaser:

Happy Holidays and lots of love,

Kara and Rebecca

gift #6: a handmade scarf by b-knits

8 12 2007

gift idea #6
a hand knit scarf by b-knits
Avg price $24-$34

scarves by britta    hat and scarf by b-knits

b-knits is the lovely handy work of Britta Hansen. She uses great yarn and streamlined designs to come up with her wonderful scarves and hats! They keep you warm too!

gift #5: vintage pins

7 12 2007

You really can’t go wrong with this classic gift.  We love vintage pins and the panache that they add to a lapel or even pinned on a purse.  They can jazz up any outfit.  We’ve got a great variety to choose from.

Gift Idea #5
Vintage pins
Classic elegance
Avg price $14 – $25

vintage pins

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