Mi Scusi Hand Made is back!

13 11 2009

melissa 047

With the cold weather starting, there is no better time for Mi Scusi to bring back her wonderful, one-of-a-kind knits.  What I love so much about her work is that she is giving vintage yarns a second chance at life!  Its amazing to see her take what would have been discarded materials and reconstruct entire wardrobes out of yarn.

Using a diversity of colors, she constructs different scarves, hats, shawls, as well as camisoles and dresses (which are not pieces solely made of  yarn).  All perfect for this weather! Although marketed as uni-sex, in my opinion, most of her pieces have more of a feminine touch to them (which is perfect for me!).  Right down to every detail like her cute vintage buttons, these pieces scream Roulette and everything it stands for.

So next time you stop by, try one on and feel the beauty of each unique piece for yourself.

Love, Melissa

Recycled yarn scarves Knitted Shawl




One response

13 11 2009

They look adorable! Gotta check them out someitme soon!

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