An Interview with Birds and Arrows!

8 02 2011

We love Birds and Arrows!   Not only are they awesome musicians, but they also have wonderful taste in clothing and are a lot of fun to hang out with!  We are very excited about their show at the ArtsCenter this Friday night (February 11th).  So we thought we’d ask them a few questions and let y’all get to know them too.

What is your first vintage memory?
ANDREA: My first vintage memories came from my mom. She saved so much of her amazing clothes from the 60’s and early 70’s. Digging through her cedar chest I would find everything from old prom dresses my grandmother made for her to beautiful jackets, vest and purses. I would play dress up with all of it and still do. But, now it’s actually my wardrobe.
PETE: My first was when a friend of the family left an old peach tank top that had an R. Crumb illustration of Mr. Natural saying “just passing through” I kept it and wore it till it literally fell apart.

What vintage era inspires you the most and why?
ANDREA & PETE: We can both agree that the early 70’s is our favorite time for vintage. Pete loves the early 70’s rock star look and I love the bohemian style. I also think it’s very charming and beautiful how much time detail still went into affordable clothing back then.

Do you have any fashion icons?
PETE: I would have to say Beck.  He has always had this kind of this high fashion surfer vibe that inspires me.
ANDREA:  I don’t necessarily have someone specific that I can think of but I do love Native American culture and that has always been a big influence on my style.  with maybe a  little Stevie Nicks thrown in there.
JOSH:  Our friend Jonathan Durlam….he’s very fashionable!

Do you have a favorite article of vintage clothing?
ANDREA: Mine is this brown turkish jacket of my mothers. I have worn it so much over the years it’s in desperate need of repair but I still wore it in our last photo shoot.

PETE: Right now mine is this new plaid blazer I found. maybe from the late 60’s I also wore it in our last photo shoot.
JOSH: a special vintage T-shirt circa 1991 (way back when;) . I use to where it to job interviews cause it was my lucky shirt.

Y’all made your record sleeves for your last album and most of your merch. What inspired you go DIY?
ANDREA & PETE: Well, to put it simply: budget and creative control. Both of us love making things ourselves, so it only made sense to apply that to the band. Especially since Merch is one of the only ways to stand out and make money on tour. It’s a lot of work but it’s also very gratifying when I see someone walking around using a tote bag I made by hand.

What is your favorite music to listen to while you create?
ANDREA: Any SIGUR ROS record. I love them and since I can’t understand a word they say there are no lyrics to distract me while creating.
PETE: Mine would be Pete Gabriel era Genesis. It’s so familiar to me which makes it easy to listen to and not be distracted.
JOSH: My favorite thing to listen to while baking is anything Classical but especially Beethoven…he’s my favorite.

What band from the past would you love to see play live?
ANDREA: I would love to see Peter Gabriel circa 1986….(which Pete actually got to see and that makes me so jealous) Also, The Faces
PETE: For me it would have to be early Genesis and Led Zeppelin (Andrea: yea, that’s a good one I’d like that too).  The week John Bonham died me and my friends in California had planned to get tickets to the next show and then we found out the news.
JOSH: Every band that Pete saw in the late seventies, early eighties. That pretty much covers it. He went to so many shows that I dreamed of going to. Like Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel Security tour for example.

Is there an instrument that you have always wanted to learn but haven’t had the chance to yet?
PETE: Piano.
ANDREA: Mine would be pedal steel but we’ll see if that’ll ever happen.
JOSH: All of them…but next I would love to pick up the violin or upright bass.

If your music were to dress in clothing, what would it wear?
ANDREA & PETE: We think it would be barefoot wearing Robert Plants rockin’ bell bottoms (bulge included), Sonny Bono’s fur vest, an America Concert T with a little chest hair coming out the top (in honor of Josh) and last: some turquoise jewelry.

You’re playing at the Arts Center Friday night (Feb.11th). What’s special about this show?
ANDREA & PETE: Yes, we are really excited about this show because the vibe of it really fits what we’ve become as a band. What I mean by that is it’s at The ArtsCenter which is a great listening room for our type of music, there is an interview/conversation led by Tom Maxwell during which we plan to be very open and honest about our music and the process of making it. And it also includes a gift of artwork by Pete and myself, with half the record to download for everyone that attends. We are really excited about getting the new music out there for people to hear.

For more information and how to get tickets for the ArtsCenter show Feb. 11th, click here.
Click here to check out Birds and Arrows upcoming show schedule!
You can also become their fan on Facebook!

Pete and Andrea also shared photos of their closets and studio space! Love!


strong women in vintage film

7 02 2011

With fashion playing a more obvious role in such recent blockbuster hits as Black Swan, The King’s Speech and True Grit, I’ve been thinking more about my favorite old movies, and the strong woman who defined them, most certainly through the character, but visually through their bold dress.

I love 1938’s “Bringing Up Baby“, starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Katherine’s clothes were characterized by definitive necklines and blousy, feminine fitting tops. I adore this floorlength, billowing silk number. It is so fitting for a woman bold enough to walk her tiger around town. And her ringlet-ed hair makes her simply ethereal striding beside Cary Grant.

The lovely Katherine Hepburn walking Baby

Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961) is an obvious fashion film choice for me. Everyone knows Audrey Hepburn’s LBD with her bow-rimmed black hat and pearls, but her clothing throughout the film is stunning. I love Audrey in her casual sweater and pants outfit when she sings Moon River on the fire escape. Take this cocktail party dress, which is draped so elegantly over her slim figure. I love the updo with the waist-cinched gown. The George Peppard’s classic looks complement Ms. Hepburn’s wonderful fashion.

Can I get a light?

I find comforting inspiration from the fashion in “Barefoot in the Park” (1967) with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. The flirty relationship between Fonda and Redford helps define the fashion in the film. The downtown, cozy love shack sets the scene for Fonda’s effortless looks. I love this candy-colored pink shift Fonda wears in the film. The casual up-do complements the perfectly pink dress and adds to Fonda’s sweet demeanor.

Jane Fonda in bubble-gum pink

Barbra Streisand’s looks in 1972’s “What’s Up Doc?” with Ryan O’Neil are oh-so-sexy and oh-so-seventies. Babs is perfectly sunkissed and super sassy, thus naturally she wears fierce, brightly colored duds. I love her doe-eyes, long, wavy locks and strappy, fitted top in this look. This fast-talking siren can outsmart Ryan O’Neil any day.

Sassy-looking Barbra Streisand

It’s that time of year when you may find yourself in a style rut. It’s too easy to throw on jeans, a shirt and a cardigan each morning when you’re cold and sleepy. Curl up on the couch next weekend and watch these movies as well as your favorites to find new inspiration in vintage film fashion. Share your personal picks here!

Be wonderful.


Spring Fabrics….

30 01 2011

The weather has been so lovely this weekend and I couldn’t help but start daydreaming about spring clothing. While looking for some fabric choices for the Spring Palette Challenge I found some sweet fabrics I wanted to share. I spent hours on Purl Soho’s site just dreaming about all the things I could make with their selections of fabrics, ribbons, patterns, felt bundles (which make me go weak in the knees) and so much more. This site diffidently  makes me want to run out and learn how to knit this minute. Their knitting selection is amazing and I love their patterns, especially this one! Here is just a taste of their amazing fabric:

Remember before you shop online try to buy from a local business.  Two of our favorite fabric shops are Mulberry Silks (they have all designers Purl has) and Thimble Pleasures (wonderful cottons).

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Rebecca

Spring Inspirations…

28 01 2011

January is just coming to an end and signs of spring have been popping up everywhere, especially in the fashion world. When the weather gets near fifty thoughts of spring fill my mind. Earlier this month I talked about some fun sewing challenges in the blog world, but there is one that has me hooked. Colette Patterns is having a Spring Palette Challenge. I have been so excited about this challenge and have been looking at some amazing spring pieces for inspiration. I decided to put together my own spring palette inspired from these runway pieces found on Elle.

I am so in love with the spring 2011 collections here are a few of my favorites:  Fendi (photos 1-4) the colors are awesome!  Junya Watanabe (5-6) I love the name and always love navy and cream, chevron stripes and sheer fabric.  D&G (7) is so much fun. I love the use of gingham especially the large checks!  And Rebecca Taylor (8-9) just makes me melt. I love her palette and romantic pieces. The color samples are form Rit. A the cool thing about Rit Dye is you can mix them to make the exact shade you are dreaming of.

Stay tuned next week when I pull together a couple of patterns or ideas of what I am going to make for the Spring Palette Challenge.  What are some of your spring inspirations?

Have a wonderful Friday!

Love, Rebecca

A Scottish delight

22 01 2011

I wanted to share a bit about Charles Rennie Mackintosh, one of my favorite architects/artists/designers. I figured Roulette fans would appreciate the fanciful nature of this designer, who many know little about.

Mackintosh lived and worked in Glasgow, Scotland for most of his life. He designed the Glasgow School of Art and the Hill House in Helensburgh, Scotland. I would highly recommend reading about the troubled visionary’s life and work. But alas, it’s his work that lives on, however little of it that may be.

Mackintosh’s creations came at the beginning of the 20th century. This is most surprising. Glancing over the playful rooms, motifs and furniture, one may easily mistake his body of work as a product of the Art Deco or Arts and Craft movements. This is what fascinates me so.

Look at the library in the Mackintosh-designed building in the Glasgow School of Art. Mackintosh made it to look like a forest, with strips of wood dripping down from the ceiling, detailed with wooden cut-outs. Tiny, purple stained-glass squares decorated the desks with red, green, and blue gems embelishing bits of the paneling.

Second story view of the library.

Mackintosh’s furniture mirrors the elaborate woodwork he was so drawn to in each room he designed. Long, clean lines dominate most of Mackintosh’s furniture pieces, with higher-use pieces including more subtle detailing.

Wide seat chair by Mackintosh

Mackintosh desk at Hous'hill

And now for my favorites. I am in love with Mackintosh’s rose motif, which he incorporated into built-ins, furniture, stained glass and textile designs.

Until next time,


Master bedroom in Hill House by Mackintosh.

Music room in House for an Art Lover. Created using Mackintosh plans.

Mackintosh stained glass rose

Mackintosh textile design


22 01 2011

My Heart Belongs to You

Roulette’s first treasury on Etsy! Featuring amazing designers from Carrboro and surrounding areas.

Have a great weekend!

Love is in the Air…

21 01 2011

Happy Friday! I love Friday so much ever since I was a little kid. I wanted to share some of my favorite things today…

This would make a wonderful gift, “I LOVE YOU BEST” antique tablespoon from Hammerman on Etsy.

I am totally  in love with Drucilla’s blog and her Etsy shop Drucillapettibone. I love her hand embroidered animal prints and her butterfly wing pendant.

These superhero shoes from Smallfly would be perfect with the superhero cape I’m making Jett for Valentine’s Day:)

This fox necklace from Odette New York is so sweet.

Vintage Valentines (come see some amazing ones at our store).

Crocheted hearts by Kara.

Handmade Valentine’s Cards. Of course Martha Stewart has a million ideas.

Francois the Accordion Playing Cat would make any sofa more comfy.

What are some things you are loving this week?

Have a wonderful weekend. And remember national pie day is Sunday!

Love, Rebecca

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