Fall Fashion 101

12 09 2010

Just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean that you need to put on a wool sweater to feel seasonal.  And lets face it.  It is way too hot here in North Carolina for any wool action now.  The nights are cooling off though and I am very excited to break out my western boots.  My favorite way to transition is to throw some boots with a cotton dress.  One of the great things about living in NC is that so many of our clothes work year around.  A cotton dress can be paired with tights, boots and a sweater or a cute jean jacket to take it into the fall.  But it’s still cool enough for those days when the sun is blazing!  Versatility is awesome.
– Kara
Here are a few fall ideas:


Fly into Spring!

14 04 2010

Spring is here and so is our new Flytrap mini-boutique!
Flytrap  is created and screenprinted by Jody Cedzidlo.   Jody has a unique way with screen printing which can be not only precise but also artistically  rough.  We love this juxtaposition of style and textile art.

Flytrap has been a long time favorite at Roulette Vintage and we’re really happy to add a special section to the store that features all of Jody’s great prints.  She’s got some great new ones as well as the old favorites.  Here are a few photos of some of our spring picks, and you can check out more  on our flickr or stop by the store and try them on for yourself!

Riverbasin Outfitters

26 01 2010

River TC is talent and creativity rolled into a lovely package.  She can look at the ugliest 80’s dress ever, and see a cute mini dress or jumper in it.   Famous for her lovely pillowcase dresses and sweater tunics, River can create and re-create something fabulous from any material.  She is also incredibly green, her designs are often created from vintage and previously owned material, reducing the waste of new manufacturing.   So wonderful!  I could wax eloquently forever about her design skills, but instead I will post a peak at some of her creations and invite you to come by the store and try her clothes on yourself!

You can also check out her website here.  River is also one of the featured designers at our Valentine’s Fashion Party, so come out and get a first look at her Valentine’s collection!


Be our Sweetheart…

26 01 2010

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and all our Roulette Vintage sweethearts, we will be dancing at our very own Valentine’s Fashion Party!  We love all things vintage, romantic and plastered with hearts, so its natural that we would want to share our fascination with others.  🙂

3 of our amazing designers will be coordinating Valentine’s Fashion collections for the party.  The designers are: Mi Scusi Hand Made, Riverbasin Outfitters and Sarah McLane Clothing.  Each of these designers have special qualities that make their clothing unique and lovable.  We’ll be featuring photos of each on our blog so stay tuned!

The Valentine’s Fashion Party is happening with a funky sweetness that will make you dance on Friday, February 12th, 6- 10 PM.
We’ll be handing out prizes for the most romantic, creative and whimsical of Valentines outfits, so dare to go crazy and dress in your Valentine best!

Leonine Designs roars with goodness!

9 12 2009

When Anna Young first approached us to carry her jewelry, Roulette was shiny new. We were located in our 2 room second floor space above the Friendly Barber and OCSC. We had started carrying local band tees but had not found a jewelry artist yet. Enter Anna: lovely, creative, and possessing a unique talent for hip beautiful jewelry designs. She became our first local artist and has been with us ever since.

We are so proud to have Leonine Designs in our cases. It’s true love. Here’s a taste of past pieces by Anna.  Stop by the store to see the current ones!

Anna will be at Roulette Thursday Night (Dec. 10) from 6 to 8 PM!  Come by, meet the artist we all love and see some of her newest work.

Buy Local, It’s Cool.

5 12 2009

It’s Buy Local Week in Carrboro!  And many of the local businesses have special deals going on, including Roulette!

Why should you shop local?  Well, besides being cool and buying neat local items, it also helps our local economy.  Each dollar you spend locally, gives 3 times more value back to your community than the same dollar spent at a national chain?

Buy Local week starts Saturday, December 5th!
To celebrate, we’ll have the following deals going on:

Saturday 10% off ALL Vintage items!
Sunday 20% off Vintage Sweaters
Monday (closed)
Tuesday 10% off  Skirts: both Vintage and Locally Designed!
Wednesday 20% off Coats
Thursday Meet Anna Young, Leonine Designs
!  6-8 PM.
Our original local designer will be at the store to show off her great jewelry!
In honor of this event we’re dong 10% off ALL jewelry, both vintage and locally made.
20% off vintage Dresses and Men’s Jackets

And don’t miss the Elf Fair on Saturday!  At the Arts Center from 1 to 5 pm.    We’ll be there.  We hope to see you!

To learn more about Buy Local Week, check out Locomotive’s website.

Mi Scusi Hand Made is back!

13 11 2009

melissa 047

With the cold weather starting, there is no better time for Mi Scusi to bring back her wonderful, one-of-a-kind knits.  What I love so much about her work is that she is giving vintage yarns a second chance at life!  Its amazing to see her take what would have been discarded materials and reconstruct entire wardrobes out of yarn.

Using a diversity of colors, she constructs different scarves, hats, shawls, as well as camisoles and dresses (which are not pieces solely made of  yarn).  All perfect for this weather! Although marketed as uni-sex, in my opinion, most of her pieces have more of a feminine touch to them (which is perfect for me!).  Right down to every detail like her cute vintage buttons, these pieces scream Roulette and everything it stands for.

So next time you stop by, try one on and feel the beauty of each unique piece for yourself.

Love, Melissa

Recycled yarn scarves Knitted Shawl

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