A Scottish delight

22 01 2011

I wanted to share a bit about Charles Rennie Mackintosh, one of my favorite architects/artists/designers. I figured Roulette fans would appreciate the fanciful nature of this designer, who many know little about.

Mackintosh lived and worked in Glasgow, Scotland for most of his life. He designed the Glasgow School of Art and the Hill House in Helensburgh, Scotland. I would highly recommend reading about the troubled visionary’s life and work. But alas, it’s his work that lives on, however little of it that may be.

Mackintosh’s creations came at the beginning of the 20th century. This is most surprising. Glancing over the playful rooms, motifs and furniture, one may easily mistake his body of work as a product of the Art Deco or Arts and Craft movements. This is what fascinates me so.

Look at the library in the Mackintosh-designed building in the Glasgow School of Art. Mackintosh made it to look like a forest, with strips of wood dripping down from the ceiling, detailed with wooden cut-outs. Tiny, purple stained-glass squares decorated the desks with red, green, and blue gems embelishing bits of the paneling.

Second story view of the library.

Mackintosh’s furniture mirrors the elaborate woodwork he was so drawn to in each room he designed. Long, clean lines dominate most of Mackintosh’s furniture pieces, with higher-use pieces including more subtle detailing.

Wide seat chair by Mackintosh

Mackintosh desk at Hous'hill

And now for my favorites. I am in love with Mackintosh’s rose motif, which he incorporated into built-ins, furniture, stained glass and textile designs.

Until next time,


Master bedroom in Hill House by Mackintosh.

Music room in House for an Art Lover. Created using Mackintosh plans.

Mackintosh stained glass rose

Mackintosh textile design




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