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12 01 2011

The start of a new year always fills the blog world with great challenges. I have totally been following Veronica Darling, a super fun blog from Australia. She loves sewing and creating things. She deals mostly with vintage patterns and thrifted material. When I first found her blog she was making 100 outfits in one year!

Super cute blogger, Veronica Darling

Well her blog just led me to another fun blog where she will be contributing. The blog Sew Weekly challenges people to make weekly creations. The author, Mena explains, “The Sew Weekly documents my attempts to sew all my own clothes. In 2011, a large mission of the site is to get more folks involved in sewing and provide a community to share the results.” Ever since I have found this blog I have had some much fun going thru her archives. Last year she challenged herself to make a dress a week (sometimes she made skirt and shirt or pants and shirt). Check out her complete wardrobe from 2010, it is amazing!

One of my favorite dresses!

Now Sew Weekly has a great theme for this week, I Should Coco. Inspired by Coco Channel. She has so much great information about Coco Channel and I am totally in love with her creation for this week.

What do you guys think of Sew Weekly and Veronica Darling? What are some of your favorite blogs?

PS Check out my blog post about Wee Wonderfuls on my personal blog and have a great day!

Love, Rebecca




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12 01 2011
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12 01 2011

I love that red dress. Thanks for sharing Sew Weekly, it is very inspiring. I need to dust off the sewing machine and start on a project.

31 01 2011

Really stunning red dress very creative.

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