Orchard House

24 12 2010

I have been fascinated with Louisa May Alcott since I was in the 3rd grade, when I did a report on her. When I learned of her home in Concord, Massachusetts, I was immediately set on visiting the mid-18 century Alcott family home. I moved from Maine about four years ago, and so it’s been more difficult to accomplish this wish, but today I visited Orchard House with my sister and father.

Lily and Tom in the front of Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts

Louisa May Alcott lived in the home with her parents Bronson and Abigail, her younger sister May and her older sister Anna in the mid-1800s. Louisa wrote “Little Women” at a built-in desk her father made for her in her room on the second floor on the far right of the house.

Bronson and Abigail's bedroom windows

I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside, so I’ll try to describe my favorite things. The walls of the house are covered in May Alcott’s paintings. Her bedroom walls and window trims are covered in little sketches she did of fantastical beings. Her parents allowed her to paint and draw on her bedroom walls, with the expectation that each new addition be an improvement from the previous one. I fell in love with a fairy-like creature holding a star at the top corner of one of the windows. May also painted a baby owl in the center of the fireplace in Louisa’s room.

May Alcott's baby owl on Louisa's fireplace-- very Roulette!

Louisa must have loved owls. Along with this fireplace painting, May also painted a picture of a bard owl that hangs in Louisa’s room. An a bronze owl ink container sits on the mantle.

It was the perfect holiday outing. The sun glistened on the snow frosting the ground. Orchard House is a simple New England style home, but it is absolutely striking against the forest background.

The sun shines through the trees adjacent to the house

I hope everyone is warm and happy at home with their families. Enjoy the time together and cherish your loved ones. Happy holidays!


Orchard House




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