Our favorite vintage book is now at Roulette!

31 03 2010

Last year, I was wandering the aisles of a cute little bookshop and came upon The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping by Melody Fortier.  After I read it, I then passed it on to Rebecca.  We both love this book and think its the best vintage guide that we’ve read. I am very happy to share that we are now selling this book at Roulette.

Not only does The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping help you decide what vintage is, it also has a great decades guide with bits of fashion history.  My favorite section of the book deals with fabrics.  Not only how to determine what fabric your dress is made of  but Melody Fortier also provides a chart for care and cleaning.  So cool and so useful!

If you love vintage and want to know more about your favorite clothes and future finds, come in and get one of these little books.  It also makes a great gift for a friend who loves vintage.





One response

31 03 2010
lycan librarian

I put this book on my wish list. I have a closet full of vintage clothing and am always looking for more. I would rather wear vintage than new any day, and rarely shop anything but consignment and thrift shops. I don’t even want to think about how many things I’ve ruined over the years with improper cleaning. Maybe this will help prevent that from ever happening again. Thanks for sharing!

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