Buy Local, It’s Cool.

5 12 2009

It’s Buy Local Week in Carrboro!  And many of the local businesses have special deals going on, including Roulette!

Why should you shop local?  Well, besides being cool and buying neat local items, it also helps our local economy.  Each dollar you spend locally, gives 3 times more value back to your community than the same dollar spent at a national chain?

Buy Local week starts Saturday, December 5th!
To celebrate, we’ll have the following deals going on:

Saturday 10% off ALL Vintage items!
Sunday 20% off Vintage Sweaters
Monday (closed)
Tuesday 10% off  Skirts: both Vintage and Locally Designed!
Wednesday 20% off Coats
Thursday Meet Anna Young, Leonine Designs
!  6-8 PM.
Our original local designer will be at the store to show off her great jewelry!
In honor of this event we’re dong 10% off ALL jewelry, both vintage and locally made.
20% off vintage Dresses and Men’s Jackets

And don’t miss the Elf Fair on Saturday!  At the Arts Center from 1 to 5 pm.    We’ll be there.  We hope to see you!

To learn more about Buy Local Week, check out Locomotive’s website.




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