Dance to a Different Beat: The 80’s and 90’s

1 12 2009

Oh Madonna, how we love thy style.  And Prince and Michael…and the movie Flashdance.  Tights, stilettos, off the shoulder shirts, big buttons, and leg warmers; clothes to insure that you were ready to dance anywhere.  Guys rocked suspender action with tight tees and tighter jeans and white was a color of choice for jackets and pants.   I always suspected that this is how bleached out jeans became popular.  Some one was trying to save their white Don Johnson suit and their jeans got in the way.

Though technically not vintage, the early nineties were iconic for their grunge wear.  Nirvana’s 1991 release of Nevermind changed the music world and the Seattle music scene changed fashion.  Soft flannel plaid shirts, worn-in jeans and work boots were the uniform of the grunge movement.  Vintage tees also made a huge comeback with the indie kids and a cool tee became an item that all your friends envied.




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