1960’s and 1970’s: the fashion revolution

24 11 2009

For me, the 60’s are when fashion became a true art movement. Textiles were becoming more synthetic and everyone thought polyester was a dream come true. The patterns and colors that polyester clothing could be made out of were mind boggling. Experimental clothing was all the rage. Ladies actually wore dresses made out of paper! And probably hoped for sunny days, I do think rain would do some damage.  All in the same decade, you’ve got British Mod, Twiggy, Jackie-O, middle class values, Vietnam, the hippies and the Women’s Liberation movement. (Bra burning!) The clothing reflected the instability of the era.

Sunhats, Pimp hats, long legged jeans and polyester disco shirts. I guess Saturday Night Fever says it all about disco. The leisure suit ruled in disco-town. But I always loved the Earth look that was still swinging out of the 60’s, less hippie lifestyle and more of a fashion movement. In all genres of 70’s fashion, men and women’s pants were cut extra long and instead of hemming them, everyone wore platform shoes to look tall. They were also very high waisted. Ringer tees and short shorts bridged this decade into the early 80’s. Just check out Season one of Magnum PI!

Here some great 60’s and 70’s ensembles we’ve had at Roulette!




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24 11 2009

All the pictures remind me of past loves; I love all those outfits! The 60s and 70s are so much fun!

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