Holiday Wonders

16 12 2008

Wondering what to get your loved ones for the holidays?  Or yourself, because lets face it, we all need a little something this time of year.

Well, we’ve got lots of the truly beautiful items in the store right now.  Both vintage and handmade.   Perhaps that perfect gift is waiting for you at Roulette.

So many of our local artists have brought in new items for the holidays.  We’ve got lovely jewelry by Anna Young and Ai-ling Chang.  Plus screen printed tees and handbags by Yuli Ink.  We’ve also got awesome Carrboro tees and other prints by Flytrap.  Monster tees by Matt Hart.  Great hairpins and earrings by JeneanXO.  Headbands and shopping bags by Robin and Tarish.  Scarves by B-knits and Brilliant.  Hot holiday dresses by RiverTC, Exile and Revamp.  And so much more!

I wish I had time to be more eloquent about each of these amazing artists, because they are amazing.  But the holiday season is in full swing, so instead, I’ve posted lots of pictures, so check out our Flickr site!  And here’s a teaser:

Happy Holidays and lots of love,

Kara and Rebecca




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