Fashion Contest!

6 08 2008

We are really excited about our Anniversary Party this Friday, 8/8/08. 7-11 pm. We hope to see everyone there! Our first ever Roulette Vintage fashion contest will be the highlight!

The categories are:
Best Roulette Vintage outfit (major piece bought at roulette)
Best Vintage outfit (doesn’t have to be bought at Roulette)
Best Roulette DIY outfit (wear a locally made designer from Roulette)
Best outfit you made yourself

We’re so excited to see what y’all come up with!
Don’t be shy, you can dress up and not compete too! Or you can come in casual. 🙂

Our judges for the evening will be…

the lovely Jessica Potter, who can wear vintage every day for any occasion and to sleep in too. We call her vintage-extraordinare, like a super hero of vintage.

jessica wearing vintage cotton

and Michelle Temple, red-hot rock star of Black Skies. She is this summer’s website model. She is also a DIY goddess, who can make scraps of a tee look like a top, dress or skirt, no sewing involved.misha wearing RiverTC

The winners of the fashion contest will receive prizes and be featured on our website!




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