rock your local band tee!

10 04 2008

We’ve recently gotten in some really great band tees by local rock stars Black Skies and The Curtains of Night! L in Japanese, beat master and DJ extraordinaire, has also brought in some kick-ass t-shirts designed by Casey Robertson. The Curtains of Night tees were designed by Ron Liberti and the Black Skies raptor was designed by Kevin Clark.

Sometimes, you’re at a show, enjoying the music and perhaps one too many beverages…before you know it, you don’t have enough to splurge on that great band tee. Come into Roulette the next day and buy one!




2 responses

21 04 2008
casey robertson.

hey dewds!!! thanks for the shout-out! my last name is actually robertSON, though!!! say, i’ve got a show up at wootini right now, if’n you want to check it out.

21 04 2008
roulette vintage

sorry Casey, its now corrected! Your show at wootini is great, my favorite is the tire swing/tree.


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